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Katarina Nilsson Helander Göteborgs universitet

Dennis E. Kramer, Lyle J. Micheli. J Am Acad Orthop Surg 2009; 17:698-707. Diagnosis and Treatment of Discoid Meniscus. Kim JG, Han SW, Lee DH. Knee Surg Relat Res. 2016 Dec 01;28(4): 255-262.

Discoid meniscus treatment

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Surgical treatment varies according to the type of lateral discoid meniscus present. An otherwise Due to variability in tissue quality, recurrent, symptomatic meniscal tears are common in discoid menisci. Repeat partial menisectomy may result in total menisectomy and articular cartilage lesions. Consideration for meniscal transplant should be given prior to the development of significant articular cartilage lesions.

Treatment Initial treatment.

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Call Helpline : +91-9836365632. Dec 1, 2017 Treatment – education, exercise therapy, weight management. The medial meniscus is particularly important for knee joint stability in anterior  [Meniscus Pitfalls_01] Discoid meniscus (including Wrisberg variant), Hypermobile lateral meniscus. 사용자 MSK MRI 2020.

Discoid meniscus treatment

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Evaluation of Symptomatic discoid meniscus: 46.3 (SD17.4). Augmentation of Meniscal Repair With Bone Marrow Stimulation Techniques age Exclusion Criteria: - discoid meniscus - arthritic changes (Kellgren Lawrence  (THR) in a 50 year old Gentleman, done for treatment of Severe Crippling Arthritis of Left Hip for Childhood Injury. The Hip Torn Discoid Lateral Meniscus. When the meniscus isn't quite right, it's time to take a bite. This discoid meniscus was treated with a partial meniscectomy to create the normal C shape we  Transtibial pullout repair reduces posterior extrusion of the medial meniscusMedial meniscus posterior root tear causes rapid knee cartilage degradation by  Diskoid lateral menisk som årsag til halten hos börn. Engelsk titel: Discoid lateral meniscus as the cause of limping in children Läs online Författare: Houlberg E  Köp The Meniscus av Philippe Beaufils, Rene Verdonk på Bokus.com.

Since the traditional treatment to open the capsule and resect the  Patients and methods. From 1978 to 1984, 10 patients, each with a discoid lateral meniscus, were treated with arthroscopic par- tial excision (Table 1).
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If a discoid meniscus is not causing pain, popping, or other symptoms, then treatment may not be necessary. When a discoid meniscus causes symptoms, arthroscopic surgery is often necessary.

This study aimed to analyze the clinical efficacy of arthroscopy in the treatment of discoid meniscus injury, and determine the related risk factors for postoperative pain. Diagnosis and Treatment of Discoid Meniscus . By Jae-Gyoon Kim, Seung-Woo Han and Dae-Hee Lee. Cite . BibTex; Full citation Publisher: The Korean Knee Society.
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Video thumbnail for Arthroscopic Saucerization for Discoid Lateral Meniscus. 0:00.

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If  Nov 23, 2018 Follow Adam in his recovery and rehabilitation following a knee arthroscopy where he had a lateral meniscus debridement. This video is day 1  Description, Symptoms and treatment of Discoid Meniscus by International Knee & Orthopaedic Centre (IKOC), Bangalore. MRI demonstrated a lateral discoid meniscus, partial rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament and mild synovitis. Arthroscopy confirmed MRI findings. Treated with  Background: After an ACL injury, treatment aims to restore knee function. Evaluation of Symptomatic discoid meniscus: 46.3 (SD17.4).